Progressive Congress Coalition Raises Concerns Over Observers for Presidential Election 2023

30 May 2023 | 22:10
Progressive Congress Coalition--photo/voice

In a press release by the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), Progressive Congress Coalition, which involves PPM and PNC, has raised concerns regarding the invitation process for countries to observe the upcoming Maldives Presidential Election 2023. 

In the recent press release, the coalition expressed apprehension about potential government misconduct and the absence of key stakeholders from the list of invitees.

The coalition emphasized the significant role of a diverse range of observers in promoting transparency and fairness throughout the electoral process. They underscored the necessity of pre-election evaluations conducted by monitoring organizations as a crucial safeguard against electoral fraud and to uphold democratic standards. 

Progressive Congress Coalition called for clear and concise procedural policies to be publicized, allowing the participation of all interested parties and maximizing transparency. 

They also expressed concern about the public's eroding confidence in the government's ability to hold a free and fair election, particularly due to the ongoing incarceration of the opposition leader and Presidential candidate from the largest political party in the Maldives.

Additionally, the coalition highlighted the ruling party's influence over the parliament, which they believe weakens the electoral watchdog's independence and impedes transparent electoral assessments.

Urging the Elections Commission of Maldives and relevant organizations to address these concerns, the Progressive Congress Coalition called for clarification on the invitation process. They stressed the need to foster an environment that upholds democratic principles and ensures the credibility of the Maldives Presidential Election 2023.