MDP Files Complaint in Court Over Office Eviction

29 May 2023 | 08:41
MDP’s main gathering spot

Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) has initiated a formal complaint in the civil court subsequent to a request from the proprietors to evacuate the premises occupied by their main office, located in front of the Artificial Beach.

The aforementioned main office, which serves as a significant venue for gatherings of the leading political party in the Maldives, is under the ownership of Shafiyya Zubairu, who was previously an active participant in these gatherings. However, due to internal disputes within the party, Shafiyya has aligned herself with the newly formed party "the Democrats," led by President Nasheed's faction.

As the deadline specified in the eviction notice approaches, Shafiyya has decided to lease the land to another individual.

During an interview with "Mihaaru" news yesterday, MDP's spokesperson, Anas Abdul Sattar, revealed that the complaint was lodged in the civil court prior to the expiration of the eviction notice. Furthermore, he mentioned that a request for a provisional hearing has been made regarding the matter.

Although Anas did not provide extensive details, he emphasized that the court request was initiated to safeguard the rights of the party.

Previously, the MDP stated that they were unable to vacate the gathering spot due to the unavailability of an alternative location. They made a request to the owner, seeking permission to continue occupying the premises until a suitable replacement could be secured.

Despite the expiration of the contractual term for MDP to occupy the premises, MDP said that the owner of the property had previously granted them permission to remain until after this year's presidential elections, which are scheduled to take place on 9th September.