Member Saeed Responds to Minister Ameer's Tweet on GDP Growth of Maldives

15 May 2023 | 09:45
Member Saeed

A recent reply to a Tweet between Member Mohamed Saeed of the Maavah Constituency and Minister of Finance Ibrahim Ameer has sparked discussions about the significance of Maldives' GDP growth and its connection to government policies.

The reply by Member Saeed has gained attention and raised questions from the commenters about the country's economic performance.

Minister of Finance, Ameer, shared a tweet celebrating the GDP of Maldives surpassing MVR 100 billion. He attributed this achievement to successful policies that enabled steady growth despite challenges.

Minister Ameer’s Tweet

However, Member Saeed challenged the direct link between policies and GDP growth, pointing out that other factors like inflation might influence the numbers. He accused Minister Ameer of lying, claiming the GDP growth had nothing to do with the policies. He also expressed concerns about government efficiency in managing debts and assets.

Member Saeed’s Reply 

The debate on Twitter drew attention from other users, with some supporting Minister Ameer's viewpoint and others echoing Member Saeed's concerns. As the Twitter exchange continues, it encourages further exploration of the economic landscape in Maldives.