Action to be taken against those govt fails to implement its policy while holding political office: Miuvaan

02 Feb 2023 | 21:36
President Spokesperson Miuvaan Mohamed. Picture: President's Office.

President Spokesperson Miuvaan Mohamed has stated that action will be taken against those in government positions if they do not implement the government policy. 

Miuvaan made the remarks in responding to a question from Maldivesvoice at a press conference at the President's Office today. 

Responding to a question on whether the government has decided to take action against those who are raising their voices against the government, Miuvaan stated that the government employees and all others have the political view. 

However, the fact that everyone has to accept is that those occupying these political positions are appointed by the President under the powers vested in him under Article 115(l) of the Constitution.

"In the appointed posts, they are meant to implement the policy of the Republic of Raisul or the government," he said.

"Then I think we have to be honest to ourselves at some point. I don't think they will sit with their salaries to implement the policy that they don't accept. That's why those who are willing to implement policies in political positions in the government," Meuwan said.

Meowan also said that if there are those who are opposed to the implementation of the government's policy, they will look into what needs to be done or what needs to be investigated.