I m ready to bring development to Fuvahmulah: President Solih

22 Jan 2023 | 08:35
President Solih. Picture: Addulive

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated that he is ready to bring development to Fuvahmulah.

Speaking at a campaign meeting held in Fuvahmulah this evening, the President said that the people of Fuvahmulah are ready to do so in the way they want to move forward in terms of change and development.

President Solih stressed the importance of the MDP being in power to accomplish the development goals. He urged people to decide to go ahead with the development while voting in the presidential primary. 

The President claimed that every administration began projects in Fuvahmulah, but that when this government took office, the first action that needed to be taken there was to undo what had been carried out haphazardly. He claimed that although the sewerage system, which was expensively constructed, had caused many issues that prevented people from living at home, they had now been saved.

The President also highlighted the ongoing development projects in Fuvahmulah. He said the roads were being constructed on the advice of the council and the soil erosion area was in full swing. He highlighted that the new hospital building in Fuvahmulah was completed and the services would be increased. He also said that Fuvahmulah hospital will provide CT scan services as per the needs of the people. He also said that the Fuvahmulah port expansion project will also be taken up.