BlackJet begins direct flights to the Maldives

11 Dec 2022 | 17:46
BlackJet arrives in Maldives

The BlackJet airline has begun operating flights from Moscow to Velana International Airport in the Maldives (VIA).

According to the Tourism Ministry, the introduction of BlackJet flights is anticipated to enhance the number of upscale visitors to the Maldives.

Russia is currently the Maldives' second-largest source market for tourists. The Tourism Ministry's figures show that as on December 6, 12.2% of visitors came from Russia.

The worst-case annual visitor arrival projection in the budget for the current year was 1,520,060. According to the statistics, 1,524,265 travellers had visited the Maldives as of December 6, which is more than the worst-case forecast.

According to the budget, in average weather conditions this year, there will be 1,632,432 visitors to the Maldives, and in ideal weather, there will be 1,835,047.