President Dr. Muizzu's party secures parliamentary majority in landslide victory

21 Apr 2024 | 22:15
PNC campaign rally

In a significant electoral outcome, the parliamentary elections conducted today have handed a decisive victory to the ruling Progressive National Coalition (PNC).

Initial statistics indicate that the PNC has clinched 50 out of the total 93 seats in the parliament.

To secure a parliamentary majority, a minimum of 47 seats is required, while a supermajority necessitates at least 70 seats out of the total.'

The PNC's triumph extends beyond the capital city of Male', encompassing Fuvahmulah and other key constituencies.

In Male' and Hulhumale', constituencies previously won by other parties have now swung in favor of the PNC.

Notably, Maafannu Hulahndu Dhaira, previously held, has now been secured by Mohamed Musthafa of the PPM/PNC alliance.