Minister Saeed Initiates talks to Introduce WeChat Pay in Maldives

17 Apr 2024 | 22:19
Minister Saeed and Regional Director of WeChat Pay (Photo/ Twitter)

Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Mohamed Saeed, recently held discussions with the Director General of WeChat Pay, exploring the possibility of introducing WeChat Pay services in the Maldives.

This initiative aims to diversify payment options for businesses across the country.

In a social media post, Minister Saeed announced the meeting with the Regional Director of WeChat Pay, highlighting the importance of implementing WeChat Pay to enhance the local payment ecosystem.

Prior to this, Minister Saeed emphasized ongoing efforts to promote e-wallet usage globally and reiterated the government's commitment to introducing various prominent e-wallet services to the Maldives.

He urged citizens to support the ruling party to ensure the majority in parliament for these initiatives.

Minister Saeed expressed optimism about the imminent introduction of renowned e-wallet services from countries such as Korea, Japan, China, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, India, and the UAE to the Maldives.

With the grace of God, we anticipate the imminent arrival of robust e-wallet services from leading economies such as Korea, Japan, China, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, India, UAE, and more to the Maldives

 Minister Saeed expressed optimistically

President's pledge to introduce e-wallets in the Maldives aligns with the recent developments in the local banking sector.

Last month, Bank of Maldives (BML) unblocked international merchants for digital e-wallet transactions, facilitating international money transfers.

BML announced the introduction of a new e-wallet feature, enabling customers to conduct transactions through platforms like Skrill and PayPal using Visa USD credit cards and Master cards.

Additionally, customers can utilize USD debit cards for primary money transfers.

Minister Saeed reiterated the government's vision to introduce e-wallet services, foster international partnerships, and ultimately benefit Maldivian citizens.