Second batch of Indian military personnel departs Maldives, President confirms

13 Apr 2024 | 17:56
President Dr. Muizzu speaking at last night's campaign rally (Photo/PPM/PNC)

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has confirmed the departure of the second batch of Indian military personnel from the Maldives, in accordance with the agreement between the two nations.

Speaking at a campaign rally held in Addu Hithadhoo School last night ahead of the upcoming Parliamentary Election, President Dr. Muizzu announced the withdrawal of Indian military personnel from the second platform on April 9th.

He further stated that efforts to repatriate Indian military personnel began immediately after he assumed office and following discussions with Indian authorities, the withdrawal was organized into three batches, with a predetermined timetable for each departure.

After discussions, a timetable was made to send back three batches in three platforms. The first batch has left, and the second platform was withdrawn on April 9th.

President Dr. Muizzu stated

The agreement between Maldives and India aims to replace Indian military personnel stationed in the Maldives.

The first batch of 26 personnel departed on March 10th, along with an Indian helicopter.

President Dr. Muizzu confirmed that only one platform remains, and the remaining Indian military personnel will also be recalled ahead of May 10th, fulfilling the pledge to remove all foreign military presence from the Maldives.

President further emphasized the importance of cooperation from the parliament to ensure Maldives' independence.

All this can be achieved through electing MPs who prioritize Maldivians' sense of independence. That is the ideology of 'Dhiveheenge Raajje' (Maldivian's Maldives ). Our policy is pro-Maldives, and in a Maldivian's Maldives, priority will be given to Maldivians

the President asserted

President Dr. Muizzu urged voters to elect representatives who share the vision of a sovereign and independent Maldives, where the well-being of its people remains the utmost priority.