President Dr. Muizzu reveals vision to establish Laamu Gan as premier health hub

13 Apr 2024 | 05:40
President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu addressing the resident of L. Gan on April 12, 2024. (Photo/President's Office)

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has unveiled plans to transform Laamu Gan into a robust health hub, with a focus on enhancing medical services and addressing mental health challenges in the Maldives.

During a meeting with residents on Friday on his visit to L Atoll, President Dr. Muizzu declared the island would house one of the nation's premier tertiary hospitals, affirming the government's commitment to this policy direction.

Emphasizing the importance of addressing mental health issues, President Muizzu also reiterated his pledge to establish an internationally accredited mental health hospital on Gan.

He emphasized the integration of healthcare with tourism, aiming to facilitate medical tourism in the region.

Our aim is to make it accessible for medical tourism. This island has the potential for tourism and we will integrate the mental health hospital with tourism

he stated

President Muizzu underscored his dedication to elevating Laamu Gan as a focal point for health services through comprehensive development projects.

He acknowledged existing challenges, including a housing crisis, and outlined plans for significant infrastructure improvements.

Our policy has much more in the pipeline. This island will have some of the largest share of the 40,000 housing units we plan to develop across the nation throughout these five years

he affirmed

Responding to residents' concerns about land allocation, President Muizzu assured that their requests would be considered after consultation with relevant authorities.