Taj Resort collaborates with Ehee Jamiyya to distribute 600 Iftar Meals

23 Mar 2024 | 17:22
Ehee Jamiyya giving out Iftar packages today (Photo/Voice)

In a heartwarming initiative aimed at spreading the spirit of Ramadan, Taj Resort has joined hands with Ehee Jamiyya to distribute 600 Iftar meals to those in need.

Speaking to Voice, representatives from Ehee Jamiyya disclosed that Taj Resort, under a voluntary program, generously contributed to providing Ramadan Iftar meals across various locations.

The distribution took place in three key areas: Salman Mosque, IGMH, and the Market area, ensuring that the Iftar meals reached individuals in different parts of the community.

Iqbal from Ehee Jamiyya expressed his appreciation for such charitable endeavors, citing Taj Resort's initiative as a commendable example of corporate social responsibility.

Encouraging more companies to partake in similar voluntary acts, Ehee Jamiyya emphasized the significance of community involvement in such initiatives.

They disclosed that the cost of one Iftar package is MVR 45 and invited individuals to contribute to the cause by sending donations to the specified account:

Account: 7770000014820

Name: Ehee Jamiyya

Bank: BML

Furthermore, Ehee Jamiyya extended an invitation for people in other islands to donate items as part of the "Ehee Iftar" program, which operates throughout Ramadan.

Last year, this program reached beyond Male' to other islands, encompassing 25 mosques across 9 islands and distributing a staggering 21,000 Iftar packages.

With the opportunity open for donations this year as well, individuals are encouraged to contact 7803433 for further inquiries and to contribute.

Ehee Jamiyya emphasized the spiritual significance of donating Iftar meals to those fasting, emphasizing the blessings associated with such acts of charity.