Anticipating another coup: Is the Maldives government facing imminent overthrow?

31 Jan 2024 | 12:36
MDP leaders

In a startling turn of events, the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has purportedly set in motion plans to depose the current administration led by President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

This comes merely a few months after the citizens rejected the re-election of former President Ibrahim Mohamed Salih, choosing Dr. Muizzu by a considerable margin.

MDP's strategies involve not only hindering the formation of the cabinet by rejecting approval for key ministers appointed by President Muizzu but also raising concerns about the party's motives.

A critical factor contributing to the strain between MDP and the current administration is the decision to repatriate Indian troops.

This move has not been well-received by India, which has reportedly engaged in a propaganda campaign to portray the Muizzu government as pro-China and anti-India.

Indian news sources have alleged that MDP leaders are actively supporting these narratives, further escalating tensions.

This situation raises questions about the motive behind MDP's resistance, given that President Muizzu was elected by a majority of citizens who rejected the previous leader, Salih.

Speculations abound, suggesting that MDP's actions may be influenced by external forces, perhaps a neighboring country seeking to wield influence in Maldivian affairs.

MDP's track record includes past attempts to depose leaders.

Notably, in 2012, following the resignation of former President Mohamed Nasheed, MDP initiated protests to depose the subsequent administration.

In Abdulla Yameen's presidency, they attempted a no-confidence vote for the parliament speaker, followed by an alleged coup plot.

It is noteworthy that India openly supported the coup during Yameen's tenure.

The present situation echoes previous patterns, as MDP appears determined to disrupt the current government's operations.

The government, in response, is expected to take countermeasures against MDP's alleged plans, potentially leading to a contentious political atmosphere reminiscent of past controversies.

One thing is clear: the government is poised to take decisive actions against MDP's alleged plans to maintain stability.

In the aftermath, a familiar pattern may unfold where accusations and counter-accusations become part of the narrative, potentially leading to the defamation of the current president, echoing past political maneuvers in the Maldives.