China to launch charter flights to Maldives on next month

18 Jan 2024 | 22:26
A Chinese airline--

Chinese government has decided to launch charter flights between China and  on 14th February.

China's Ambassador to Maldives Wang li Xing made the announcement at a press conference in Maldives.

During the meeting, the Chinese Ambassador said that China will work fully to make China the number one tourism market in Maldives just like way the President Dr.Mohamed Muizzu has started the work.

The first charter flight from China's Fuji City to Maldives is scheduled to start on the 14th of next month. Although charter flights will be held initially, commercial flights will also be launched depending on demand, he said.

The President Dr.Muizzu returned from his first visit to China from 7 to 12 this month and said that he had successful discussions to increase the number of tourists from China to Maldives and also to bring more flights to the country.

During his visit, they held important discussions to increase direct flights between the two countries and China's Xiamen Airlines is scheduled to start flights to Maldives in March this year. The President also said he would expand Maldives marketing efforts in China.

The Chinese government has announced the launch of charter flights between the two countries. President Dr. Muizzu on his first visit to China has asked the government to make China the number one market for tourism in Maldives.

1.8 million tourists visited Maldives last year and the government aims to attract 2 million tourists this year.