Indian troops withdrawal discussed in high-level committee!

14 Jan 2024 | 15:37
India's representatives attend High Level Committee meeting-- Photo:Voice

As President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu promised, a committee comprising senior officials of the two countries has been formed to discuss the withdrawal of Indian troops from Maldives.

The Minister at the President’s Office for Strategic Communications, Ibrahim Khaleel told 'Voice' that during president Dr.Muizzu's meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi previously in Dubai, the two leaders agreed that a high-level committee comprising senior officials of both countries. This committee  has now been formed to discuss issues that need to be discussed between both countries, said Khaleel.

A meeting of the committee is currently underway at the Foreign Ministry today. Khaleel said thah further information will be announced by the Foreign Ministry after the meeting.

According to sources India is represented at the meeting by:

1.  Indian High Commissioner to Maldives Munu Mahawar

2. Punit Agarwal, Joint Secretary of Indian Ocean Affairs, on behalf of the Indian Foreign Ministry

3.  Representatives of the Indian Ministry of Defence

4. Indian Navy personnel

Maldives is represented by:

1. Chief of Staff of the President’s Office abdulla  fayaz

2. Chief of Defense Force Maj. Gen. Abdul Rahim Abdulla

3. Foreign Ministry Ambassador at Large Dr. Ali Naseer

4.  Ambassador to India Ibrahim Shaheeb

The meeting will focus on the withdrawal of Indian troops from Maldives, says sources.