Five million trees to be planted across the country: President Dr.Muizzu

02 Dec 2023 | 21:45
President Muizzu at the COP28 Summit--Photo: President's Office

The President Dr.Mohamed Muizzu has promised to plant five million trees across the country.

Speaking at the Climate Conference, COP28 in Dubai, President Dr. Muizzu said the government attaches great importance to making islands of Maldives, vibrant, clean and green environment.

The President said that every living thing in Maldives  natural environment has value and the damage caused to each of them is a damage to the country and the entire economy.

“We need to protect this fragile environment in order to survive and build lives. Sooner or later, we need help to overcome any damage to this fragile environment” He said.

Addressing the world leaders, the President said that as a global individual, everyone has responsibilities for the global environment. Therefore, he urged everyone to work together to build a bright future.

 "Let us continue to ensure that these ideas and efforts produce the desired results. Then we will be able to fulfill our responsibilities to the fullest." The President said.