PPM asked to vacate their main office

25 Nov 2023 | 17:57
Vaguthu Images- Ahmed Mamdooh

The owner of the building which currently houses the PPM main office has ordered the party to vacate the premises.

The letter sent by the owner of the house, which is located on the ground floor of the H.Hurafa House, said the building was leased at the request of President Yameen to run an office for him.

The owner of the house said that a PPM office is now running in the rented premises. Therefore, the agreement between the two parties has been terminated and the premises should be vacated and handed over to the owner before noon on the 24th of this month.

The building where the PPM office was located has been ordered to be vacated as it's Former President Abdullah Yameen has left the party to form a new party. The  former President has asked his supporters to be ready to join the new party he is forming.

The name and logo of President Yameen's new party have now been completed. The party will apply to the Elections Comissions (EC) for permission to form the party on Tuesday.