President Yameen has decided to leave PPM and form a new party!

23 Nov 2023 | 23:21
Former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom-- Photo:Voice

Former President, and  leader of progressive party of Maldives (PPM), President Abdullah Abdullah, has decided to leave the party.

His lawyer Dr. Mohammed Jameel Ahmed confirmed the news that President Yameen has resigned from  PPM. Jameel told Channel 13 that he left the party because he felt that some members of the party leadership had turned away from him.

In addition, winning the upcoming parliamentary elections is important for the government, he said, adding that the party leadership and senior government officials have not sought his opinion and consultation for this matter.

The resignation comes amid tensions between the PPM and PNC members. The issue has been very heated since some PPM members formed a separate committee and held a press conference on his orders.

The committee, which is said to have been formed by President Yameen, criticized the incumbent President and the government at the press conference. Former Technology Minister Maleeh Jamal was even expelled from PPM yesterday.

There are questions about what will happen to PPM with Yameen’s departure, and he has announced that he has decided to form his own new party.