''The two main pillars of the new government are structural construction and human construction."

17 Nov 2023 | 22:07
Dr. Muizzu speaks after being sworn in as President--- Photo: Parliament

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has stated that striking a balance between structural and human development will be one of the fundamental policies of this starting presidential term. He made these remarks this evening in his Inaugural Address after assuming office. The Inaugural Ceremony for the 8th President of the Maldives was held at the Republic Square.

The President stated that today is a historic day full of hope as the Maldivians set sail to return to their homeland. He highlighted his administration’s goals to instil morals, religious values, and skills in the youth, as these will aid in the Maldives' progress and greater prosperity.

''Knowledge and skills. Morality and Religion. Behavior and workmanship. These things should be instilled in the children of Maldives. Also, bringing an extraordinary revolutionary wealth to Maldives infrastructure. The government I will form will continue, hopefully, on these two foundations." Muizzu said.

He said he wanted to ensure the independence of the powers of the country, and in particular, not to allow the slightest influence of the government to enter the justice system.