Government's influence on the judiciary is over: President Muizzu

17 Nov 2023 | 22:03
17 November 2023, Dr. Muizzu speaks after being sworn in as President--- Photo: Parliament

The government’s influence on the judiciary is over at this point, President Dr. Mohammed Muizzu said.

President Muizzu said this in his address to the nation after being sworn in as President.

“My Government will protect the independence of the three powers of the State. In particular, I will not allow the Government to interfere in the judiciary,” he said.

President Muizzu said that does not mean that the government should turn a blind eye to those who commit such crimes.

“This does not, however, mean that the Government will turn a blind eye on those who commit criminal offenses. What it means is that the President’s Office interfering in the judiciary ends here right now..” President Muizzu said with great confidence and certainty.

The President began his speech by saying that two main types of construction are built to maintain the security of a state and its strength and respect in the world: architectural construction and human constructionis good Building a society.

“Therefore, it is building the soil of the country and building the minds of the country,” he said.

He said the policy of this presidential term will be to balance these two types of construction and his government will continue these two foundations including inculcating knowledge and skills, morality and religion, behavior and hard work, as well as bringing extraordinary revolutionary wealth to the infrastructure of the above, he said.