I will take action against theft and corruption: President Muizzu

17 Nov 2023 | 21:55
President Dr. Mohammed Muizzu takes over as President and addresses the nation-- Photo: Majlis

 The President Dr.Mohammed Muizzu has said that the new government will take action against theft and corruption.

The President of the Republic of the Maldives Mohammed Muizzu said this in his first address to the nation after being sworn in as President.

"Our government will defend the holy religion of Islam, the Maldives and the land. Don't be treacherous! We will be, the builders. In our government, we will build the homes of the people and the minds of the people! Don't dream! There will be mercy, compassion and patience! It won’t be cruel! We will continue to be sincere in listening to the people, looking after the people and resolving issues."  He said.

In his strong speech after being sworn in, the President said the two sides of the government would be seen. There will be no hiding or disguising, he said.