Opposition parties, Pursues Chagos for Religious Freedom Objectives: Nihad

23 May 2023 | 05:59
MP Nihad

Parliament member Mohamed Nihad, representing the Feydhoo Constituency, emphasizes that the current deliberations on Chagos' status as Maldivian territory are driven by the objective of promoting religious freedom in the Maldives.

During a period of political unity among various parties opposing the government's acceptance of Chagos under Mauritius' sovereignty, Parliament member Mohamed Nihad expressed his views in a tweet, emphasizing the significance of the discussions surrounding Chagos' status.

In addition, Nihad highlighted that once Chagos becomes part of Maldivian territory, it would be obligatory to allow the construction of temples in the Maldives.

“Chagos is a mission being carried out to bring freedom of religion to Maldives. As soon as Chagos is under Maldivian sovereignty, it will be forced to give permission to build temples in the Maldives. Saying that a part of Maldivian territory has been lost, with these bad intentions, should be stopped.”

- Member Nihad

Nihad emphasized the need to cease asserting that Chagos belongs to the Maldives, reiterating that Islam is the sole religion in the Maldives.

Opponents of the Maldivian government's shift in stance regarding Chagos, who support Mauritius' sovereignty over the region, argue that a significant portion of Maldivian territorial waters has been compromised due to the change in stand.

Etihad, a vocal critic of the selling of waters, has attributed the allocation of a substantial portion of Maldivian territorial waters to Mauritius in the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) territorial dispute to the letter sent by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to Mauritius.

However, no other individuals have publicly addressed the issue of religious freedom in the Maldives, which Nihad opposes.