After defeating Ismail Rasheed & Mohamed Najah takes championship

18 Feb 2023 | 11:20
Mohamed Najah (Kanboa)

In the final of the first competition of National Surf League "Kalhegalekoda 2023" Mohamed Najah (Kanbo) earned championship after defeating Ismail Rasheed (Smiley).

Smiley was able to advance to the finals after competing and winning against Hassan Naasih (Chika) in the semi finals. Kanbo was able to advance after competing and winning against 12-year-old Yoosuf Kayaan Hamdhaan Zaki in the semi finals.

"Kalhegalekoda 2023" held in Gahdhoo this year, was the third competition held by the Surfing Association in that island. The last two competitions were succeeded by Ismail Rasheed (Smiley).

However Smiley who came out to win the competition for the third time was defeated by a difference of 0.33. After a competitive final Kanboa won champion with a score of 15.33 while Ismail Rasheed was defeated with a score of 15.00.

Kanboa who scored the first wave in the final earned a score of 8.33. Following this smiley took the lead with two waves of 7.27 and 7.83. While smiley had a score of 15.00 Kanboa scored 7.00 on his second wave and took the lead for the first time in the final. Afterwards, though Smiley surfed two waves, he wasn’t able to earn a better score than his second highest score.

This is the first time Najah had won champion of a national level competition. However, he had competed in the finals of 2 of the 5 competitions held by National Surf League last year. This includes a competition final which was held in Gahdhoo.