PPM's intention was to sell off the entire country: Minister Shahid

23 Jan 2023 | 16:39
Abdulla Shahid speaking in a rally. Picture: Havathaavees

Foreign Minister Shahid has stated that the opposition PPM/PNC had every intention to sell off the entire country. 

Speaking on the sidelines of MDP's Presidential Primary candidates Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's campaign in Kaafu Guraidhoo, Shahid stated that the island of Kaafu Atoll is integrated with Male' region. Shahid stated that islands are connected to the image of the Male' region. 

According to Minister Shahid, President Solih should be re-elected for a second term to carry forward the ongoing development of the islands. He said the party's primary was as important as usual this time. 

If you give the next candidate the chance, it will be giving another chance to the PPM's oppressive rule. You will have to be locked up in Guraidhoo again. Guraidhoo's land will also be sold to foreigners who will also sell it as a port

Said Shahid

In his speech, Shahid urged the people not to allow ppm/PNC to contest. He further stated that the only way the party gets a chance is by hand-in-hand in the internal elections.