Nasheed confident of winning the MDPs presidential primary

02 Jan 2023 | 02:12
Mohamed Nasheed poster. Source: Ali Imran

Former President/MDP President Mohamed Nasheed has said that he will win the MDP Presidential Primary and he has doubts about the results of the election. 

Nasheed is contesting against the incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to win the MDP Presidential Primary. According to MDP, the primary is set to be held on January 28th. 

Speaking at a meeting held with the campaign teams from Male' constituencies at the MDP's Harge on Sunday, Nasheed said that the Presidential Primary campaign is taking place on the streets, islands, door-to-door and is in full swing. 

We will win this election. I don't have any doubts about it,

Said Nasheed

Speaking at a meeting, Nasheed reiterated his statement highlighting that the current coalition parties would not support MDP in the first round of the Presidential Election. Nasheed stated that it is a "shameful idea" to think that the current parties in the ruling coalition would stand with MDP in the first round of the Presidential Elections. 

They won't be there this time, we don't have to bow down. The main reason is that they have the opportunity to campaign freely this time

Said Nasheed

Nasheed stated the new year comes with multiple difficulties for the people. He said that many people expected an increase in the prices of essential commodities with the new tax hike. He further explained that people would feel the effect of these changes after the next shipment arrives at the shops.

Just Last week, Nasheed travelled across several northern islands to gather support for his bid to win the MDP Presidential ticket. Keeping up with the momentum, Nasheed is scheduled to visit Fuvahmulah this week to gain more support for his presidential bid.