Democracies don't use the legal system to silence their opponents: Dr. Waheed

26 Dec 2022 | 16:14
Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan

Former President Dr Mohamed Waheed has stated that Manipulating the judiciary is unacceptable and democracies do not use the courts to neutralise their opposition. 

Dr Mohamed Waheed's comments come after the Opposition Leader and Former President Abdul Yameen Abdul Gayoom's jail sentence of 11 years. In a tweet, Dr Mohamed Waheed referred to the sentence as the Christmas Day verdict against the PPM/PNC presidential Candidate Yameen stating that he wouldn't accept the manipulation of the judiciary and that democracies do not use the court to neutralise their opposition. 

Dr Waheed Hassan also pointed out the following action is similar to the old tricks of dictators. 

Along with Dr Waheed, several opposition leaders have claimed the following sentencing of Former President Yameen to be unlawful and have criticised the government for India's involvement.