Faisal's anti-campaigning cost Nazra parliament seat: Mahloof

23 Apr 2024 | 23:22
Nazra Naseem, who is contesting for South Fuvahmulah constituency in Sunday’s parliamentary election on main opposition MDP’s ticket.

Former Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof has made startling allegations against Faisal Naseem, the former Vice President and brother of parliamentary candidate Nazra Naseem.

Mahloof's claims suggest that Faisal orchestrated  anti-campaign aimed at undermining Nazra's bid for the South Fuvahmulah constituency seat in the recent 20th parliament elections.

According to Mahloof, Faisal engaged in a series of covert communications, reaching out to numerous individuals with the intent of diminishing support for Nazra and ultimately ensuring her defeat at the polls.

These allegations surfaced in a message shared within the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Whatsapp group, where Mahloof asserted that Faisal's actions were not only known to Nazra's family but also to the MDP leadership.

Despite concerted efforts from party leaders, including Chairperson Fayyaz and Advisor Solih, to bolster Nazra's campaign, she fell short in the election, losing by a narrow margin of 48 votes to PNC candidate Ibrahim Hussain.

Additionally, Mahloof took to social media platform X to amplify his allegations, highlighting Faisal's absence from Nazra's campaign rally despite efforts from other party figures to support her candidacy.

Mahloof further drew parallels between Faisal's alleged interference in the parliamentary election and similar tactics purportedly employed during the presidential election last year against Former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. 

While acknowledging the election outcome, Mahloof has called for a thorough investigation into Faisal Naseem's actions, suggesting that his alleged anti-campaigning tactics may have influenced the electoral process.