Maldives to revise National Medicine Policy for enhanced healthcare strategies: President

05 Feb 2024 | 15:45
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In a pivotal move towards bolstering the healthcare infrastructure, President Muizzu declared today that the Maldives would undertake a comprehensive revision of its National Medicine Policy.

Addressing the 19th Parliament's last session, the president highlighted the government's commitment to elevating healthcare standards in the country.

President Muizzu shed light on the ongoing efforts to enhance the national policy, emphasizing the streamlining of the medicine registration process.

Under the proposed revisions, if a medicine is registered in an accepted reference registry authority, the registration process in the Maldives will be simplified.

This is aimed at expediting the availability of essential medications to the Maldivian population.

A significant aspect of the revamped policy includes the establishment of a bulk procurement system.

This strategic approach aims to secure cost-effective and high-quality medicines for the country.

President Muizzu underscored the importance of accessing affordable and top-tier medicines for the citizens, marking a shift towards decreasing dependency.

Moreover, the president articulated plans to fortify the storage conditions of medicines.

A robust surveillance and monitoring mechanism will be instituted and expanded to ensure that medications are stored under optimal conditions, adhering to stringent guidelines.

To ensure that good quality medications are easily available in the Maldives, we have started to revise the National Medicine Policy. The registration process will be eased for medicines registered in accepted reference registry authorities. Additionally, a bulk procurement system will be established to acquire cheaper and higher-quality medicines. We are also committed to implementing a comprehensive surveillance and monitoring mechanism to safeguard proper storage conditions

affirmed President Muizzu

This announcement aligns with the recent revelation that the Maldives intends to procure medicines directly from the original developers in Europe and other countries, signaling a strategic move towards diversifying sources and reducing dependency on India.