Riffath's Tweet on Mauritius v Maldives Case Sparks Criticism from Public

29 Apr 2023 | 15:24
Attorney General Riffath

Maldives Attorney General Riffath tweeted about the government's success in the Mauritius v Maldives case. However, some Maldivians have expressed disappointment and accused the government of making traitorous decisions.

Several Maldivians have criticized the government's legal victory in the Mauritius v Maldives case, with some accusing them of tyranny and expressing disappointment with the way the case was handled by the government. Maldivians have been criticizing the government’s way of handling this from the minute they changed the state’s stance, due to the fear of losing Maldivian territory. 

Attorney General Riffath’s Tweet

Additionally, in the comments, it is seen that there have been allegations of corruption and suggestions that Attorney General Riffath is influenced by President Solih, by the public. The comments include offensive remarks regarding how AG Riffath is obeying President Solih’s orders. 

It appears that a significant number of Maldivians are not happy with the way the government handled the case, despite Riffath's statement that the Maldives had emerged victorious. This has led to major public outrage. 

The concerns raised by the public suggest that the government may need to take steps to address these criticisms and ensure that their decisions are seen as being in the best interests of the Maldives, as the public seems to doubt this.