Election results reflect citizens' support for President Dr. Muizzu, Not Yameen: Gasim

22 Apr 2024 | 16:24
Jumhooree Party leader Gasim Ibrahim

Ibrahim Gasim, leader of Jumhooree Party, speaking in the aftermath of yesterday's parliamentary elections emphasized that the voting outcomes clearly reflect the public's endorsement of President Dr. Muizzu, rather than former President Yameen.

Following his victory in the Maamigili constituency, Gasim took to social media platform X to express his views, attributing the success of both the 2023 Presidential Election and the 2024 Parliamentary Election to President Dr. Muizzu and his team's diligent efforts under challenging circumstances.

The victory was not the result of leaving a vacancy for a particular candidate, as the people’s support and absolute majority for President Dr. Muizzu today has proved

He stated

Gasim underscored that the president's triumph was not due to any particular individual or the reservation of a seat for a specific candidate.

He pointed to the supermajority secured by the ruling party, PNC, in the parliamentary elections as evidence of widespread support for President Dr. Muizzu and not someone else, without mentioning Yameen's name.

Because when he achieved such a great victory, an empty seat or a   photograph of a particular person in any meeting was never seen 

He asserted

He highlighted that despite Yameen's backing, none of the candidates fielded by the PNF party emerged victorious.

Gasim also addressed the persistent accusations leveled against President Dr. Muizzu and his government by Yameen, noting that the election results indicate a rejection of such allegations by the Maldivian people.

At the same time, the results of today’s vote have shown that the people of Maldives do not accept the continuous and continuous accusations against President Dr. Muizzu and his government by the person to whom the said  (Yameen) vacancy belongs. With this, it is also a fact that none of the candidates they fielded for the parliamentary elections won the election

He stated

Expressing gratitude, Gasim thanked President Dr. Muizzu for his support and for refraining from nominating a candidate for the Maamigili constituency, allowing Gasim to contest uncontested.

I would like to thank President Dr. Muizzu for supporting me without nominating a candidate for the Mamigili constituency from PNC side.

Gasim asserted