China to provide $130 million in free aid to Maldives: President Dr.Muizzu

14 Jan 2024 | 21:37
President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu--Photo: Voice

China has pledged US$130 million in free aid to the country, the President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu said.

President Dr. Muizzu said this while speaking to reporters at the Velana International Airport after completing his first visit to China.

He  said the $130 million in free aid from China will be used to develop the roads in the city.

"China has now allocated 920 million Chinese Yuan, or about US$130 million, in free aid to Maldives." President Dr.Muizzu said.

The President said the aid was to be spent on various development projects in Maldives. The largest amount of the aid will be spent on roads in the city, he said.

During  president Dr. Muizzu's visit to China, 20 important agreements were signed between Maldives and China.