Eva's excuse to not to preside over sittings is unacceptable: Parliament

06 Nov 2023 | 15:13
vice president of Maldives parliament Eva Abdulla / photo: mv+

Parliament, on Sunday, has stated Deputy Speaker Eva Abdulla can continue to preside over Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed's no confidence sitting, despite, the case pending at court.

Eva, in a letter to the parliament, said she was disinclined to preside over sittings before the Supreme Court makes a decision regarding Nasheed’s no-confidence motion.

Regarding Eva’s letter, People's Majilis sent a letter to her stating that  Nasheed’s no-confidence motion and the Supreme Court case are different matters, and appealed to Eva to preside over the sittings in the no-confidence motion.

Additionally, the Media official of people's Majilis said that, due to the refusal of Eva to reside the sittings, Nasheedh's no confidence motion will be continued only after when Supreme Court's case is over. 

As per the parliament’s regulation, a no-confidence motion against the speaker of the parliament must be presided by the deputy speaker. The regulation does not provide instructions for circumstances where the deputy speaker is unavailable.