Maldives can file a lawsuit against Israel: Maumoon Hameed

06 Nov 2023 | 15:20
lawyer Maumoon Hameed/

Maldives can file a lawsuit against Israel for their ill-treatment and extremely inhuman behavior towards Palestinians, says Maldivian lawyer Maumoon Hameed.

The lawyer addressed towards this issue with a post he created on the platform X. In this post, he said that there is a penal code declared in Maldivian law for universal injustice over gross violations of international laws.

In Maldivian law number 9/2014, section 13, it states that any offense committed in gross violation of international law, regardless of the site of such offenses or the domiciles of the parties involves and any offense over which state is required to assume jurisdiction due to the state’s adoption of international treaty.

He thinks that this is an opportunity for Maldives to help Palestine to regain independence from Israel and to stop the genocide happening.

“There is a scope to take action to help Palestine against genocide in Gaza without waiting for the ‘international community’ to show some spine” says Maumoon Hameed in his post.

Tens and thousands of citizens all over the world are protesting to ceasefire in Gaza.