Hamid Abdul Gafoor resigned from MDP voluntarily: MDP Vice Chair Ibrahim Waheed

02 Jan 2023 | 15:02
During a press conference held by the party's election committee.

MDP's Vice Chairperson Ibrahim Waheed (Ibure) has stated that Police Board Member and Former Parliamentarian Hamid Abdul Ghafoor left the party voluntarily. 

Speaking at a press conference held by the party's election committee today, Ibrue highlighted that Hamid left the party voluntarily on his own request and had applied a form requesting his removal from the party. He further explained that Hamid also sent a letter requesting his removal be rushed as soon as possible. 

Before the press conference by the MDP's election committee, Nasheed also held a press conference and claimed that 39,000 members were expelled without their knowledge and they were very old members of the party.  In response, Ibrue stated noted that such action has not been taken by the party. 

Hamid Abdul Gafoor left the party on his own request. Former Chairperson Hassan Latheef contact then Secretary General and asked him to contact the Election Commision. Hamid was not expelled from the party, Hamid was cut removed upon his request.

Said Ibure - MDP's Vice Chairperson

Ibure also claimed that Nasheed's close family members had been removed from the party and highlighted that candidate No.2 - President Solih's siblings were removed from the party as well. Upon knowing the issues, Solih's siblings came to rejoin the party. 

In addition, Ibure stated that the Presidents and Lawmakers of all MDP constituencies were previously provided with the list of names, ID card numbers and addresses of members that were expelled from the party. This was done before May 29, 2022, and after that, they were given enough time to rejoin the party. Therefore, Ibure stated that President Nasheed's claims over membership registration cannot be justified and stated that he is fabricating those claims.