Maldivians have donated more than 28 million rufiyaa to “Gaza emergency relief fund.”

06 Nov 2023 | 15:04
Maldivians protesting to free Palestine. photo:

On Saturday, international aids campaign have sateted that, Maldivians have donated more than twenty-eight million rufiyaa to help  Muslims in Gaza.

A post from IAC posted in ‘X’ says that up until Friday the 3rd of November, they have received exactly 28,027,420.14 (twenty eight million twenty seven thousand four hundred twenty rufiyaa fourteen laari). The organization also received 17,300.50(seventeen thousand three hundred dollars and fifty cents) as dollars . IAC thanked all the Maldivians for their support and help during these times.

Maldivians have been arranging different fund-raising events such as jumbo sales and keeping fund boxes all across Maldives. There also have been walks to show Maldives support to Palestine. 

The attacks between Hamas and Israel military on October 7th led to a lot of Palestinian citizens being dead and injured. Due to these attacks Israel have cut off a lot of necessities to Palestinian citizens.