HDC signs with Dhiraagu to install cellular towers for better mobile coverage

29 Dec 2022 | 21:54
HDC signs with Dhiraagu

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has signed an agreement with Dhiraagu to install cellular towers on the rooftop of Hiyaa towers 2 and 3. 

The agreement between HDC and Dhiraagu was signed on Thursday at HDC headquarters at a special ceremony. 

These towers will further improve the mobile coverage of these areas. According to HDC, the company is working to improve the lives of the people of the Hiyaa flats area and other areas of Hulhumale Phase II. HDC has stated even before the people's habitation in these areas communication providers have stilled four communication towers at Hiyaa flat to provide better communication. 

HDC has consistently worked hard to make Hulhumale' a comfortable city for the residents in every aspect. As part of the initiative to make Hulhumale the first smart city in the Maldives, one of the Corporation's goals in this regard is to enhance communication in the city. One of the pillars of the digital infrastructure required to achieve a smart city, in addition to communication towers, HDC has established an open access network in Hulhumale. Residents in Hiyaa Flats, STELCO, MACL, and other phases 2 of Hulhumale' are also given access to Dhiraagu, Ooredoo, Medianet, and RoL services.