SIM card issuing policy amended

30 Nov 2022 | 15:34
Phone user

The Communications Authority of Maldives (CAM) has announced that SIM cards will be activated only if the customer's details are known.

According to the Communication Authority of Maldives (CAM), the purpose of the step is towards reducing such devious incidents as the number of communication-based behavior is increasing day by day. 

With these modifications, the SIM card will be given to consumers in an unused (non-activated status) state. When the service provider has all the necessary information regarding the customer issuing the SIM card, only then will the SIM card be activated.

CAM said in a statement further details will be from services providers. CAM also stated as part of its efforts to streamline the process of issuing SIM cards and more will also be done shortly. 

Recently, the police claimed that scams and other untoward incidents were taking place using SIM cards, with five foreigners buying an average of 5,000 SIMs per person.